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about us

5am Games was founded in 2018 with the goal to create unique games with strong aesthetics and relatable stories. As an all-women dev team, we combine our experiences to create authentic female protagonists and hope that games like Letters can play its part in changing the male-dominated narrative in games.

Hire us!

Games are perfect to engage people, explain complex issues and can help with motivation, learning, and communication.


We are still available for work for hire so if you are looking for a game, an interactive experience or the gamification of your project, feel free to contact us.



We love experimenting and coming up with innovative game mechanics.

We want our players to think outside the box and enjoy something they have never seen before.

In our first big project Letters - a written adventure, we invite players to use text in a completely new way. We take elements from traditional word-games and reinvent them in an adventure game scenario which completely changes their appeal and character. We use text to build our game world and let players use the power of words to rewrite it.

Awards & Recognition

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