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LETTERS - a written adventure

a heart-warming adventure about finding the right words

Teaser Trailer






release date:

pricing model:

puzzle adventure

offline, single-player

3 hours (1 playthrough)

PC / Mac (Nintendo Switch)

Feb 2021


Letters - a written adventure is a single-player adventure game about a girl named Sarah, told through letters she sends to her pen pal.


What stands out about the game are the lovely visuals, an authentic, branching storyline, and the lively and responsive game world. The most innovative aspect is our word-based game mechanic and the unique and fun approach to text. In Letters, words are the tools to interact with the game world, solve riddles and influence the course of the story.


“I was absolutely delighted, with the game and myself, because we were both clearly very clever.”

- Rock, Paper, Shotgun



“Letters is an absolute delight to play. The cute artwork, uplifting soundtrack and writing are full of joy as you embark on your little written pen pal friendship adventure.”

- AlphaBetaGamer

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